среда, 29 декабря 2010 г.

License Shop will be released soon

We are going to release new part of the Manco .NET Licensing System soon. We call it “License Shop”. This is web-based (Silverlight) tools for complete customer and license management. Using it you can issue licenses and keys outside your office just using any Silverlight-ready PC. You even can setup a bunch of sale persons around the world who will do it for you 24x7 just using single “License Shop” license. Just manage your sale persons to use “License Shop” on 1 in a time basis. We don’t allow concurrent using of the single license. But “License Shop” is not bound to the particular PC (it is bound to the AWS installation), so you can use single license anytime anywhere on 1 license - 1 concurrent connection basis.
Starting from version of our licensing system Activation Web Service license will include 1 free license for “License Shop”. So you can start your web-based licensing experience without any extra charge. All customers who bought version 6.0 or have active subscription will get upgrade to version for free.

Here are few “License Shop” screenshots:

пятница, 10 декабря 2010 г.

How to debug custom "User Data" edit control.

Sometimes user data or product edition are included to the Unlock Key has complex format. For example, user data can contain specification of the product edition and number of the concurrent sessions allowed for ASP.NET application. In this case using of the simple text box becomes a quite problematic for sales persons. They should remember format of the user data and enter something like “PE043” every time when customer buy Professional Edition with 43 concurrent sessions allowed.

License Manager allows you creation and using of the custom controls to simplify editing of the complex user data. The process of creation of the custom edit control is described in our product documentation. Mostly those controls are quite simple and work without any problems. But sometimes it is necessary to debug functionality of the custom edit control. You can do it using Visual Studio.

Open your solution in the VS2010. Then run License Manager with your control in use. In the VS2010 main menu go to the Debug->Attach to Process:

In the “Attach to Process” dialog select “Manco.Licensing.LicenseManager” process and click “Attach” button:

After that you will be able to debug your control.

Don’t forget to replace DLL near the License Manager every time you change something in your control.