четверг, 6 декабря 2012 г.

Version 7.1 of the Manco .NET Licensing System released

Manco .NET Licensing System version 7.1 is available now. You can get 15-days trial version at the http://www.mancosoftware.com/licensing/download.htm

List of the most significant changes made in the new version:

  1. Created own simplified implementation of the ClientFormsAuthenticationMembershipProvider which don't use offline authentication (don't store authentication cookies and password hash locally). It allows using of the Activation Web Service on the ASP.NET hostings which have not user profile for system users (like ASPNET or Network Services).
  2. Added ability for immediate deactivation of the product on the client side when ValidateProduct method of the AWS is called. For example, the customer requests a money-back so the protected application should stop working as soon as possible.  Setting of the allowed activations to 0 now mean that customer’s license is inactive and application should be switched to the evaluation mode (or start throw exception depends on the settings).
  3. The Floating License Service (FLWS) have been redesigned to be WCF service.
  4. Added ability to use floating license offline during specified timeframe.
  5. FLWS is able to unlock licenses automatically using time-frame rule set. For example, if locked license is older than 5 days then it should be unlocked. This feature works in conjunction with ability to use floating license offline. 
  6. Added ability to use Data Service as storage for the licenses in the FLWS.
  7. Changed the way the floating license usage is registered on the server. FLWS don’t use IP address for these purposes anymore. The IP address of the user PC can be changed between obtaining and release the license. For example, user is travelling and floating license is configured to be used in the offline mode for some time. Now FLWS uses unique Floating License Session ID for it. 
  8. Added separate method to free FLWS license to the floating license helper.
  9. Added ability to configure AWS timeout for the FLWS.
  10. Added DeactivateLicense method to FLWS. It simplifies moving of the floating licenses to the new hardware.
  11. Because of the changes in the floating license processing the expiration state of the evaluation license is validated on server now. If license expired then GetLicenseString returns empty string.
  12. The default value of the license rule in the “Included Rule” grid can be edited using same control type as it is used to set its value in the sale record.
  13. Added stop list for the e-Mail communications. The e-Mails will not be sent to the customers are included to this list. 
  14. Added support for "ref" parameters when creating wrapper for code encryption.
  15. Added several minor enhancements in the UI of the License Manager and License Shop.
  16. Fixed few minor bugs.