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64-bit OS and License Manager database.

In the present days many people are moving to the 64-bit OS and put old versions of the License Manager to this platform. There are not any problems if MS SQL database is in use, but when the License Manager database is MS Access you run into the difficulties. If you run our application on 64-bit platform with MS Access database you get ‘Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider is not registered on the local machine’ exception.

There is not 64-bit version of Jet and Microsoft has no plans to create a 64-bit version of Jet. So you can’t use License Manager with MS Access database on 64-bit platform. Fortunately our product supports using of the MS SQL database, either Express version or fully functional server. You can find instructions on how to setup License Manager to use MS SQL here: www.mancosoftware.com/licensing/faq.htm

It is not difficult to get License Manager using the MS SQL, but you definitely would like to move your existing data from MS Access database to MS SQL as well. It was a bit problematic before we release version 6.0 of our software.  Now there is a trick which can help you with your old data. There is a part of the version 6.0 which is called Database Manager. Using this application you can copy all data from your MS Access database to the MS SQL Express database even on 64-bit OS. For copy operation Database Manager supports all versions of database starting from 3.2. So you can use it to move your existing data to the new database. This application is free to use. You can download it from our official site at the http://www.mancosoftware.com/licensing/download.htm. Below you can find extraction from the version 6.0 documentation which describes how the Database Manager can be used to copy data from MS Access to MS SQL Express.
Using of the Database Manager

Database Manager is the application which install new or upgrade existing database, and allows copy licensing data from one database to another. Current version of the Database Manager supports MS SQL Server and MS SQL Express for all operations and MS Access as data source for copy operation. Support of the MS Access database makes possible upgrade of your database from any version starting from 3.2 to current version.

There are several scenarios when you need to use Database Manager, but there is one step, which is common for all these scenarios. Before you can perform any operation you should create description of the database connection.

Click "New"  toolbar button. Enter name of the database connection (can be any) and select database type. You can simple enter connection string in the correspondent column, or click "..." button in the edit mode and edit connection string using database connection dialog:

You always can test your database connection by clicking the “Test” button. Click “OK” to finish edition of the connection string.

1. All versions of the Manco .NET Licensing System starting from 3.2 and up to the 5.0 were provided with both MS Access and MS SQL Express database files. The MS SQL Express database file is located at the same place with MS Access one. Create database connections for both: MS Access and MS SQL Express databases:

2. Switch to the “Copy data” tab.
3. Select your Access database as data source.
4. Select your MS SQL Express database as destination.
5. Find “Roles”, “UserName” and “UsersInRoles” databases.
6. Check checkboxes in the “Clear destination” column for these 3 tables.

7. Click "Copy" button to copy data from the MS Access database to the MS SQL Express database. Data from the MS Access database will be copied to the MS SQL Express database.