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Manco .NET Licensing System version 9.0 announcement - Part 2

Today I continue announcing the new features of the upcoming version 9.0 of the Manco .NET Licensing System.

Some our clients say that it is hard to use sales list view on the low-resolution tablet devices. The important license rules can be out of the viewport and require scrolling to see their values. In the version 9.0 we decided to not show purchase details in the sales list view. So currently it looks like the following:


You can ask me how to see values of the license rules now. It is very easy and much more useful than in the previous version. You can completely reconfigure what columns are shown in the sales grid view. Expand toolbar of the sales view to show all options available:

Select “Edit config”. The “Edit grid view configuration” dialog appears. Here you can select which columns are visible:

You can select properties of the sale record (like “Income” or “Allowed”), values of the license rules, and custom values. For example, for the standard “Unlock Key” licensing schema you can choose to show just few properties of the sale record and value of the “Unlock Key” license rule:

If you need copy value of the license rule or custom value to the clipboard then simple right-click correspondent sale record and select “Copy” from the context menu:

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