среда, 1 июля 2015 г.

Version 9.0 of the Manco .NET Licensing System has been released

Manco .NET Licensing System version 9.0 is available now. You can get 15-days trial version at the http://www.mancosoftware.com/licensing/download.htm

List of the most significant changes made in the new version:

  1. The License Manager was redesigned from scratch. New UI is friendlier to the devices with small screen resolution (tablets, netbooks and so on).
  2. List of the columns in the sales data grid is configurable now. You can choose which license rules and/or custom values should be show. Every license type can have own sales data grid configuration.
  3. Added dialog for configuring the edit control for license rule value and custom license value.
  4. The conditions set for customer search are applied now to the list of the sales as well. For example, if you search customer using Unlock Key and customer has several sale records with different keys then you will see the record which correspond to the entered Unlock Key only.
  5. e-Mail XSLT now is stored in the database (complete XSLT, not a file path). It makes possible using of the same transformation in both License Manager and Activation Web Service.
  6. The License Shop was redesigned from scratch.
  7. The Data Service was redesigned from scratch.
  8. New UI for the Protected Storage Cleaner.
  9. New UI for the Floating License Service Admin tool.
  10. Protection libraries for the .NET Framework 4.5 and for Windows Store applications were redesigned to allow asynchronous loading of the license file.
  11. Fixed few minor problems in the protection library.

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